Rev. Vishnu Maharaj - Pooranwad’s nurturer & the worthy son of illustrious father

SHREE VISHU MAHARAJ JI PARNERKAR- Son of Shree Ramchandra maharaj ji Parnerkar

On the auspicious day of Vaishakha (the second month) bright fortnight and Uttara the twelfth lunar mansion (27th April, 1980) at Indore (MP) the retrograde Jupiter (also known as Guru signifying Master) was to be in forward motion.

The Master had made some calculations with his fingers the earlier night as if ‘the day’ was fixed for departure and there was no need to seek further time from God. With the feeling of fulfillment that ‘God had assigned me four tasks and I have accomplished eight’; total contentment radiated on his face. At about 0100 am, the master asked for the holy water of Ganga and Tulasi leaves. Soon after the Master shifted his head from pillow to Sharad dada’s (Most Rev Vishnu maharaj) lap and the next instant the flame of life was merged one with the Purna (The Universal Person).

The Master-disciple meet (Utsav) at Parner of 1980 was pervaded by the gloom of the Masters’ departure. Nevertheless, in accordance to his wishes Adv. Vishnu Maharaj (Worthy son of an illustrious father) reached Parner after performing the thirteenth day rites of the Masters’ demise.

The leader (Poornawad Vardhishnu):

Worthy son of an illustrious father, Adv. Shri Vishnu Ramchandra Parnerkar M.A. L.L.B was born on June, 1939 corresponding to ‘Ashadh Shuddh Trayodashi’. With first class stint in college, where he obtained his Masters degree in Economics followed with a degree in Law, he joined the Bar at the High court of Madhya Pradesh at Indore. From hs student days he had been a good sportsman, a forceful speaker and took active part in extra-curricular activities. His love for journalism led him to start a fortnightly under the banner of famous ‘Yuvak Kranti’. He not only excelled in academics, but also in the sport of tennis, wrestling and was an inter-college champion of ‘Mallakhamb’.

Shri Vishnu Maharajs’ upbringing in an orthodox vedic family put him in good stead to quickly assimilate the vedic learning. After Dr. Ramchandra Parnerkar Maharajs’ merging with the Poorna, Shri Vishnu Maharaj got the thesis ‘Poornawad’ published. The publication was launched in the city of Pune – a historic city in India.

For the past two decades he has poured his sweat and blood into this mission. He has delivered thousands of lectures erected sixty one temples namely ‘Jeevan Kala Mandirs’ and thus propagated Dr. Parnerkars’ divine thoughts through the length and breadth of India and then through the entire globe.

His disciples now could be found in India as well as overseas in countries such as Australia, USA, Canada, Mauritius and lots more. Some thought provoking books were also published in these years namely, ‘Rath saptami’, ‘Poornawad Prabodh’, ‘Matru Devo Bhava’, and Glimpses of Poornawad etc.

social work

Social Work:

Most Rev. Vishnu Maharaj has established a number of social, economical and spiritual organizations to further his objectives of spreading the doctrine of ‘Poornawad’ such as

Poornawad Yuva Forum

1)      Akhil Bhartiya Poornawad Nari Forum

2)      Poornawadi Jyeshtha Nagrik Sanghtana

3)      Poornawadi Lucky Spouse Association

4)      Poornawadi Sangeet Kala Academay

5)      Shivram Pratishthan (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Temple at Aurangabad)

6)      Guru Seva Mandal (Flagship org. at Parner)

7)       Poorna-kanya Pratisthan.